Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beautiful Visitors

This pair of Blue Jays have been coming by for a snack for the last week. They are fun to watch and are so colorful. A very nice change during this drab in between time of the seasons.
I realizes that the area that I thought was his eye is actually a white spot on each side of the head. If you look close you can see his eye just below the white spot. Apparently that is to confuse the enemy. And it's fun to be out on the deck when they show up. They will sit in the bush and squawk so load. I assume they are upset because we are so close by. And they also get very upset because the bird feeder is to small for them to perch on so they are at the mercy of the smaller birds that throw out unwanted seeds.


keewee said...

We have a Blue Jay who comes by our feeder and tries to mimic the Eagle's cry, he does quite well, but does not fool the other birds at the feeder.

gincoleaves said...

What a treat having these gorgeous guys come to visit !! The one thing I miss about my home in SA is the amazing bird life (Dad was fanatical about birds - feathery ones - and it was passed onto me, haha)
Each day I'd see long legged birds wandering around on the lawn, or a woodpecker will be hammering away in the nearby tree *sigh* I'll stop now, it only makes me homesick!!
Here in our town, I never get to see anything other than the cheeky black crows ! LOL.

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