Monday, March 12, 2007

This is another view on our little country road that I took a picture of this morning on my walk. There are often deer or a flock of wild turkeys somewhere in these woods.

The winds blew through the Bitterroot Valley so strong Saturday night that I had to take down several of my wind chimes for fear that the gusts of wind would tear them apart. And one is a large one and there was no way we could have slept through that racket all night!

Our temperature was 65 degrees today....maybe it really is spring here in the Valley. The locals call this area of the valley "the banana belt" so maybe it will live up to it's name. I believe we have received just about a total of 8 inches the entire winter. And of course everyone around here is talking about forest fires in the coming summer months already. There were several temperature records set today through out the state of Montana. I heard one town's temperature was 75 degrees. So I guess they have reason to worry.

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