Thursday, February 22, 2007

What an incredible site we saw today

JW and I were returning from a shopping trip into Victor and Hamilton this afternoon when we can around a corner and saw several cars pulled to the side of the road. Around here when you see cars on the side of the road you immediately know there is a reason to get the camera out. Sure enough, there on the north bound side of the road in a field stood a very large herd of Elk. As we pulled over I said to JW..."They are looking for a way to cross the highway." An amazing soon as the lead Elk realized there were no more moving vehicles she started leading the herd across the highway. I took this picture standing at the rear of our pickup and the noise they made going across the pavement was very amazing. Not just the sound of all the hoofs, but the sound of loud grunting was going on...possibly to keep the younger ones moving along. The entire herd made it safely across the highway, over the fence and on their way over a steep mountain. Probably looking for a quieter, safer place to spend the night!
As the herd passed very close our truck we did notice several Bulls in this large herd. What a wonderful passing of nature we were allowed to view! We believe there was at least 75 elk in the herd.

Our excursion into Victor and then into Hamilton allowed us to visit several stores that we hadn't found before. We went in two wonderful book and craft stores in Hamilton and we will definitely return to both. We went into a quaint little coffee/wireless/donut shop and as we entered I told JW this feels just like Seattle...what a great feeling to find in Montana. So after purchasing several books that neither of us could live without, we headed back to Darby and the beautiful Elk herd.


Phyllis said...

sniff...sniff...I can smell the steaks cooking clear over here!
What a beautiful site to see. I could NEVER kill an Elk. never.
Nice to meet you.
I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Wow! aren't they wonderful?

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