Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The wall hanging is done.

I finished my practice wall hanging this afternoon. Well, it isn't exactly "finished" as it would need to be framed before hanging if I wanted it truly complete. But I enjoyed this project and I hope to find some red colors tomorrow at the craft store to see if I can blend my favorite colors into a hanging piece too. Doing this practice piece helped me understand how colors should be placed. I have never done a patchwork quilt before so all of this is new and fun to me. This was a wonderful way to pass a snowy afternoon in Montana!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, but exactly what is it made of? If it is fabric and you sewed it all, then you work very fast. I thought quilts took for ages to put together.

hostagirl said...

Hi Keewee...yes, quilts can take ages to put together. But with my worn out hands I am no longer able to do very much sewing so I came up with this project that is made up of paper. It is of course put together just as the quilt pattern but with just glue instead. Encased in a picture frame with glass it looks pretty authentic as a quilt but much smaller and it was a lot of fun!

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