Saturday, January 6, 2007


Yes, old man winter knocked on our door today...okay, he banged on our door today!!!! During the high winds we experienced last night it began to snow. And the snow drifts were piled up against our porch sliding doors! The poor cat wouldn't even try to climb over the drift to get outside. It has continued to snow throughout the day and there seems to be no end in sight in the immediate future. The picture above is not really's my attempt to take of picture of it snowing! I stepped outside and took this picture for the front of our house while it was snowing pretty hard.

We had to drive the 70 miles into Missoula yesterday but had blue sky and sunshine the entire day. How fortunate for us! I had an appointment with the joint specialist to check on my progress on the surgery on my right hand. He seemed pleased and said I wouldn't need to return for 4 weeks. Of course that does mean that I must wear this splint cast till then. But he did okay me to take it off once in a while as I was watching TV as long as I kept it very still. And boy does that feel good!!! We are planning to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs tonight on the TV. Yes, our Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl last year but we aren't holding our breath for it to happen this year. Darn. But I had better keep the cast on because I do tend to get a little excited during the game!!

Keep warm and stay safe.


keewee said...

Never thought I would hear myself saying this * I will trade you your snow, for our wind storms*
This winter "stinks" big time. I am tired of the power outages.
Glad to hear your hand is healing so rapidly.

hostagirl said...

Hi keewee, I understand about your high winds over there. I can enjoy the snow but when the wind blows it sure is miserable! It's not fun to even walk to the mailbox in this wind. Just hold on tight!!!

keewee said...

I bet you are excited after watching the game yeasterday.I saw the last half hour, and you know me, I am not really into sports, but I did enjoy seeing the Seahawks win.

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