Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cold weather is coming....pull the covers up tight!!!

Apparently we have an Arctic Freeze coming our way. The weather man is calling for the temperatures to be as low as 17 degrees below zero during the next few nights!!! Wow! But as you can see the wind is blowing the clouds from our valley which is giving us beautiful sunny days. But the wind also is causing some very low wind chill factors too.
As the picture above shows, we still have very little snow on the valley floor. But the giant mountains around us are finally getting their winter blanket of snow. And as you can guess, the skiers are thrilled!!
JW is enjoying his wood stove in his machine shop and ventures there everyday. I think getting back to his work routine makes him much more comfortable and happy.
We've brought out our drawings of our house and yard and have begun planning ideas of what we want to do with the yard. We still want a picket fence...A Wilson Pickett Fence of course!! Those of you who knows us personally can get the true meaning of that comment!!! And there is my greenhouse and a shade house for my big hostas. Even designing the front walk will be an adventure and I am trying out different ideas for which plants to put where to help frame our house so it looks cozy and comfortable. I even enjoy this stage of the planning. To be creating something with our own ideas and plans is so much fun! Of course, we will post pictures as your wonderful yard progresses throughout the spring and summer. But for now.....KEEP WARM!!!!

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