Sunday, December 31, 2006


This was the scene out the patio door several days ago and now we again have bare grass all around us. The sun has been shinning on us every day and the stars are shining their brightest each night. What a beautiful world!.

Christmas seemed to fly by this hand surgery kind of made all of that seem like a foggy dream. They removed the surgery cast on the 27th and I am thrilled with the progress this time around. I have an incredible amount of use in my hand and fingers and even the thumb that was operated on. I have a feeling I will be fully recovered before it's time to plant in the garden this spring. Hurray!!!

This is a view out the patio door of the mountains to the south. That seems to be as far as most of the snow gets each time the weather man calls for a snow storm. But I know our turn is coming but I need to go into Missoula just one more time for a check up on my hand on the 5th and JW has his machine shop up and running so we are ready to spend the winter near home.

JW and I want to wish all of our friends, relatives, and fellow blogger readers all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Please stay safe and we hope to see all of you in the coming new year.

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