Thursday, January 11, 2007


When I awoke this morning I wondered what can I put on my blog today? I plan to try to do my postings every morning before the day consumes my time and I am to tired in the evenings. So I grabbed my trusty camera and headed outside. Of course it took me only a second to realize the wind chill factor was about 17 degrees below zero!!! But I wanted a new picture so I pulled my collar up close and off I went. There was a herd of 8 deer just across the road but I have posted several pictures of that subject. I did find several plants that have sprouted new green foliage and I can't imagine how that is possible in this weather! But that wasn't what I am looking for either. Then I heard a racket above my head and looked up into the beautiful blue sky and there above me was a large flock of Canadian Geese heading south.
I truly do not believe that they were not heading "south for the winter" but they are a flock that lives here in the wide Bitteroot Valley the entire year. What a beautiful site...I am so glad that I ventured outside and looked up into our beautiful big Blue sky! I hope you can make out their "V" formation in all that blue.

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keewee said...

we have beautiful blue skies too, and a very cold day.
I plan on getting the Christmas tree packed up and put away. Yesterday I put all the decorations in tissue, labeled the boxes and stored them in the basement.

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