Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We are back home!!

Yes,we arrived back home about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. What a trip! They were experiencing high winds in the state of Washington Thursday evening and because of that we had very strong headwind the entire trip on Friday. The ski resort just above Wenatchee clocked the wind at 136 miles per hour coming over the ridge during night.

My hand surgery went very well. The surgery was Monday morning so we stayed overnight in Wenatchee just to make sure everything was okay. The trip home was much easier than I had imagined. Of course JW is a very good driver. And the snow wasn't a issue at all. We had bare roads all the way to Wenatchee and again on our way back to Montana. WONDERFUL!!! Not bad for traveling almost 950 miles during the month of December!

So, I am thankful to be back in our cozy little home in Montana.

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