Thursday, December 21, 2006


The above picture was taken from our front porch yesterday. Winter in Montana...who would have guessed!!!

Yes, it is almost time for the holidays and I do not feel well enough to challenge the crowds this year. My arm and hand are reminding me that they didn't like the surgery we just went through. Of course typing with one hand is kind of a slow process!! But it feels good to be up and around again.

This is a picture of a beautiful "MAP DRAWER" that JW just gave me for Christmas. Of course I am using it for storage for my craft projects. The story goes that it was built in China out of old barn wood. Each handle is secured with 2 Chinese coins. Of course I love it and it makes it so easy to find all the tools I need when I am crafting. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

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keewee said...

Wow !! girlfriend What a fabulous gift. You are so spoiled and rightly so.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

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