Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our next adventure

Well. this is one adventure that I am not real excited about. I am scheduled for surgery on my right hand on Monday, Dec. 18th. And I have a pre-op appointment with the specialist on Friday, Dec 15th. So we will be leaving Montana for Wenatchee, Washington Friday morning very early. We still have no snow here but we have been experiencing the winds that are blowing thru the Pacific Norhtwest. The two passes we must cross are on Interstate 90 so we are assuming they are well maintained even thought they have been getting snow. Of course I am very nervous about the whole trip but time is running out on my health insurance and I know JW is a very cautious driver. We are taking the 4 wheel drive pickup, chains and lot's of warm clothing and blankets. Of course we never travel without some goodies to munch on!! So we will return as soon as the doctor releases me after surgery. It is considered a day surgery so we should be home by Tuesday. I will post when I can get to the computer.

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keewee said...

Hi girlfriend I'm back three days without my computer seemed like an eternity. The storm was very bad around here. We did Ok but others are still without power.

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