Saturday, December 23, 2006


We ventured into Darby after breakfast this morning and passed this scene on the way. No, the Buffalo really don't roam on the range here, they are in their own large pasture. But they really didn't look very happy for us to be interrupting their breakfast.

We are experiencing some strong wind and snow this morning. Sometimes the wind blows so hard it appears that the snow isn't even touching the ground. So I am not sure if we are getting a measurable amount or not!

The pain in my hand from my joint surgery is beginning to lessen a bit. I gave up the pain pills yesterday and have switched to good old aspirin and my stomach seems to appreciate that. I go to Missoula to a specialist there on Wednesday to have the soft surgery cast replaced with a hard cast that I will wear for another month. So, things are progressing well there. JW is being wonderful about the housework that he has to do for us, the dishes being the most frequent.

We are both looking forward to the holiday where we will spend the evening with JW's daughter and family.

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