Sunday, February 15, 2009

We had dinner at the daughters house last night with J.W.'s Son D. and arrived back home about 8:15. I was a bit surprised---and disappointed---to look out the back door 30 minutes later and see that the ground had turned white---again!! I know it's only February, but I was secretly hoping that we could start having some spring weather now!
I took this photo of the East Fork of the Bitterroot River just up the road from us. Yes, this is actually a photo where there is nothing but ice covering the entire river. Of course there is a worry about what will happen when this ice jam starts to break up. Fortunately it will not effect us but possibly many homes and bridges on down the river.
I am anxious for some warmer weather and the start of our walking/hiking classes in early March. But I do hope we have better weather by then so we won't have to wear every bit of winter clothing we have in our closest just to stay warm.

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