Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's spring time here in the Bitterroot valley as Tom Turkey is busy doing what tom turkeys do in the spring here.
Their plumage is so beautiful at this time but gosh, they are still so ugly.

I have been collecting feathers on my walks and hikes and have acquired quite a collection. I have an idea in mind of what I want to do with them, but it may take a lot of feathers so it's still in the planning stage. But I will certainly post photos when I start on the project.

I have been very busy with my eBay store and I am still trying to find a little time each day to get away to spend a little time out in the fresh air. We are still getting snow every once in a while but the sun is finding it's way out during most days. And I have been able to join my walking group for the last 3 walks and plan to join them again for the Monday walk. And I plan to get in some horseback riding as often as possible too.

So, it looks like another fun filled year ahead for me.....I love it here!!!!

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ginco said...

Hooo! This guy is a real show off, but then, he's got work to do and can afford to be a big brag! LOL!
I'm ever so keen to see what you have in mind with those turkey feathers!
Enjoy yourself with all your outdoor activities Hostagirl!!!

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