Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is what I saw when I looked out the window at 6:30 this morning. and this is suppose to be March 29th! But the picture following really tells the story....
The over night snow fall measures about 5 inches. At 6:00 last evening we headed up the road across the street from our house to a House Concert. There was not a flake of snow anywhere to be seen. Some of my plants had started to poke their little heads above the ground and I was thinking that I am get out in the flowers beds Saturday morning. When we left the House Concert about 10 o'clock last night everything was buried in snow.
And this was the scene I saw this morning. Gee, I am tired of Old Man Winter around here!! As of this writing (11:00am)the temperature is now 27 degrees so maybe the sun can find it's way here and melt this white stuff!!

And I feel I need to explain why I have been absent from posting lately. I have closed out my Cafepress store and opened a store on eBay. Our space here in the Big Sky Country seems to be getting smaller and smaller. So I am sorting through all of my "collections" and selling much of them on eBay. So far I have posted about 35 items in several categories but have at least 300 other things to list. So I will be busy at this project for quite some time but I will return to post on this site every chance I get. I will be taking time off for hiking and horse back riding, and I will be posting photos of those adventures. The horse project has come about because our step- daughter and her family have 3 horses and have given me my choice of any to ride. And our new neighbor next door has horses also and wants to ride . And the family that held the House Concert also have horses and she invited the neighbor and I to join her and another lady to go on trail ride with them. So I will be back to the one thing in my life that I have missed every day!

So please be patient with me as I return to the two most exciting adventures in my life....hiking and horse back riding! What a life!!!!!!!!

If you'd like to stop by my new store on eBay the link is


keewee said...

Sheesh! girlfriend, the snow is starting to really tick us gardeners off. WE have had some of that thick rain here over the past few days.
When is it going to let up?
I am happy for you to be able to get back to horse riding, a dream of yours for a long time.

hostagirl said...

Thank you Keewee, I have been yearning to be riding horses again so I am excited about this new adventure. TURN OFF THE SNOW!!!!

ginco said...

Enjoy all your adventures Hostagirl, I really hope the snow will melt away so you can have a whale of a time.
I'll be watching your blog for more lovely pictures!!

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