Sunday, January 27, 2008


We had a wonderful time snowshoeing out in the woods with my walking/hiking group yesterday. The weather was great, lot's of snow, no wind and plenty of fun. This was J.W.'s first snow shoeing adventure and he agreed that we both need to buy ourselves a pair of these snow shoes. I am wearing snow shoes but because of the depth of the snow you just can't see them. They are actually very easy to walk on but there is some difficulty walking in the deep snow. So we stayed on the unused road and had a great time.

The quietness of the wilderness as we walked up the closed road was amazing. We say rabbit tracks, some deer, and large tracks from a recent visit of a moose. I am sorry I missed seen him. We definitely planned to do this again.


keewee said...

Now that looks like a whole bunch of fun. I can't imagine getting MrC to snow shoe. sighhh!

hostagirl said...

don't give up miss can be full of surprises!! this picture is a great example!!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying again to post a comment.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is driving me crazy, I cannot leave a comment as usual, for now I'll have to go ANONYMOUS, Geeez!

Perhaps it's the fact that I come from a warm country that skiing never interested me - what I wanted to do when I arrived here in this snowy country was Cross country, it definately looks safer than flying down the slopes on skis. 3 Decades later and I still haven't done the slightest bit of cross country. Your snow shoes look very interesting. I have asked my husband if snow shoes are sold here (I haven't seen any) and he says it is used mainly high up in the Swiss Alps.
Have fun Hostagirl, and I hope you'll be lucky to get a glimpse of the deer and moose next time.

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