Monday, December 10, 2007

This photo was taken a few weeks ago because we don't have much pretty snow left on the ground. But I thought the icicles made a very interesting picture.

It has been staying in the low 20's during the day but as low as 5 in the evening. So I have been staying inside keeping myself busy. We have FINALLY decided to get started on painting the living room. The new color in the kitchen has made such a huge difference that we knew we had to get busy in the living room. But as you can probably guess, while we were in the paint department I said "I have a strong feeling we should go with the very first color we had talked about...not any of the ones we had did paint tests on our walls." JW looked at me and smiled and said "Are you sure?" and I said "let's look at the original color again." I was able to find the color without any trouble and as we stood there and looked at it we both agreed that it was the ones for us!! Amazing. But that's why they say you should paint a sample then live with it for awhile before taking the big step. It sure worked for us! I will share before and after photos when they are available.
I thought this was an unusual picture as I was heading over to JW's machine shop the other morning. There are 2 different human footprints, a cat that passed through the yard and of course our neighborhood turkey gang. There were also deer tracks but none quite close enough to get into the picture. Boy, lot's of traffic through the yard that day!


keewee said...

I am looking forward to your pictures of your paint job. I have been working on finishing the painting on the upstairs hallway, and need to finish downstairs too.

gincoleaves said...

That top picture looks ever so Christmasy!!!
There's nothing to top a fresh splash of colour in and around the house, I will also be looking forward to your pictures.

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