Tuesday, December 4, 2007

There were about 30 Elk that came through the pasture next door and headed up the hill across the road from us. Apparently they are still up there because I have seen a few of them wandering near us looking for food. We know the weather is taking a turn for the worse when the Elk come and stay close.

Even the birds have been few and far between. I had to go out and actually break off the icicles that were hanging from the feeder because the birds couldn't get to the places to perch on it to feed.

Our winter wonderland is already beginning to wash away in all of this rain and today the temperature at 6:30 a.m. was 40 degree's. Even though I dislike the Turkeys that come around, I do feel sorry for them as the snow was so deep that their strange feet just sunk through the snow and on top of that their feathers are completely wet from all the rain. So they have been having a difficult time in this recent weather. They have found the bird feeder so they visit it often to see if there are any seed leftovers on the ground from the smaller birds. I hope they leave me a few of their beautiful feathers in return for the bird seed.

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keewee said...

The elk are so majestic, how wonderful to be able to see them so close.
I hear a bird outside the window telling me the feeder is empty of seed. I had better get out there and fill the feeder before I have a huge fuss going on.

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