Saturday, October 6, 2007


This is our view off the back deck this afternoon. Yes, the snow is getting closer and the temps are not rising very much throughout the day.
But the crisp temperature does bring us a lot of beautiful color here in the Bitter Root Valley. We were so busy moving from Washington State to here last October that we had missed a lot of the wonderful color here. So the views from our front windows are extraordinary to us.

Yes, we too find it hard to believe that we have resided in the wonderful State Of Montana for one year already. It seems just like yesterday.....

This is a few of my Hen and Chick succulents that did very well in my flower bed by the back deck. All of the plants are surrounded by so many new babies to transplant next spring. It has been such an amazing wonder to discover all the beautiful plants that grew and bloomed so well this growing season.

Our local School District sponsored activities have gotten under way again this last week. My "walking" group has walks on Monday mornings then again on Wednesday mornings. So many wonderful sights to see in the wonderful forest around us. And on Monday evenings I attend a Menopause discussion group. I have met a few new friends at the evening group. And on Wednesday afternoon just after the walking group, I attend a Kindergarten Craft Class For Grownups. I can hardly explain how much fun us "ladies" had at this simple class. There was no kindergarten class when I started school and it seems my memory doesn't recall doing very many fun things in class those first few years. Several years later my sister was in Kindergarten and I was envious. And several ladies in this group experienced the same thing in their childhood so you can't imagine the laughing and giggling that went on during this session! Our first project was to make 'something' out of Playdough. Imagine, a group of ladies that have never worked with Playdough! I constructed a very cute elephant with a shade palm tree near by. There were many varieties of objects. What fun! Our second project involved masking tape and shoe polish. Yes, I know, sounds strange. I will get a photo of this project and post it tomorrow. Make this life Grand!!


keewee said...

I am envious, you are having so much fun, a kindergarten craft class sounds like something I would love to do too.
Yes, I see the snow is slowly creeping downwards towards your house, I am praying we do not have as much snow as we did last winter.

gincoleaves said...

Those Autumn colours are so beautiful, and I love the name Bitter Root Valley!!!
Here's something I must mention.
Your Hen & Chicks are called Stone roses here in Switzerland, and in South Africa our Hen & Chicks is a longish almost drooping plant with smaller babes peeping thru the centre of the mother plant.
We're all the same, and yet so different! !

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