Saturday, August 18, 2007


We had a fabulous time on our Anniversary trip this week.

Day 1...
We started our adventure traveling over the Skalkaho Pass heading East towards the little town of Phillipsburg. I had never been over this Pass so everything was quite unexpected. The majority of the road is almost classified as a one lane road...those going down hill are to back up to a decent spot so those going up can pass safely. This Pass climbed to 7,250 feet and there are no guard rails...just scary drop offs that go a long, long way down!! And when you are sitting on the down hill side of the vehicle, it seems like the edge is even closer!!! So I classify this part of the trip as a "Very gripping experience"!

The forest fire smoke was just as thick here as it was at home. This picture shows the road we will travel on just a few corners away. Behind that small group of trees across the valley is a truck with a camper on it and he didn't seem to slow down much on the corners or as he drove by us. We were very glad to see him disappear around the corner going on down the road.
This pretty waterfall was near the top of the pass. It's falling across rock that is very flat and quite red. I wonder what it looks like during the spring water runoff? The air was pleasantly cool here so we spent some time here before heading on up the road.
The smoke made the trees look very eerie as if they were all in a dense fog.
This was a great surprise as we passed over the mountain and started heading down the other side. I just happened to notice this little lake through the trees. That is a wooden walkway that leads all the way out to the lake. And after walking out to the lake the walkway span's out a hundred feet or so to the left and to the right. We could here eagles calling some where off in the woods. I was hoping we would have the pleasure of seeing a Moose near the lake but no one came to visit this day. But what a great discovery this lake was.

Tomorrow the story of our Anniversary trip will continue...Stay tuned for more adventures with pictures!!!

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