Sunday, August 19, 2007


After traveling over Skalkaho Pass we stopped at the Gem Mountain where we purchased a bucket of earth and sifted through it with a special screen and a technique that they teach you on sight. We did managed to find about a dozen Sapphire gemstones..three that are large enough to have cut and mounted into either a ring or necklace.
This is the area where you wash the material before going through it looking for gems. There are special tables where you dump the material and start going through it. They furnish you with a small canister to place your findings in. Many people were coming and going all the time we were there, and there were cars with license plates from many different states and Canada in the parking lot.
After we had finished going through all of our material, we took our treasures into their gift shop/snack bar area and had them tell us which ones were good. This service is free and you are not required to have your gems mounted at there establishment. The cost of the bucket of material ($12.00) is the only money we had to spend the entire time we were there. We had lot's of great conversations with other "miners" there that day. A very fun experience!
After leaving the Sapphire Gem attraction we headed on into Phillipsburg where we will spend the night. Since it was too early to check in we visited the Sweet Palace candy store. Oh, my gosh!!!! I gained 10 pounds just smelling all this great stuff. My pictures do not really do justice to this great place but you will get the idea!!! This is the sight you see as you come in the front door.
And this is a great candy tree...a kids dream. I loved all the wonderful colors. Enough suckers to last almost a lifetime!!! More yummy pictures will be posted later.

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gincoleaves said...

That looks like a very interesting place to visit, and I will behave like a child gone lost in that candy store - I have such a sweet tooth!!!!

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