Friday, August 31, 2007

We had 4 glorious minutes of rain today! No, not enough to put out any of our forest fires but it sure smelled good, sounded good and it did give us hope! I know the thunder can bring lightening strikes but the sound of that thunder was wonderful. I love thunder when it rolls through the canyons and down into our valley. Sometimes it seems to sound like it rolls along the mountain tops for ever.

I have been keeping myself busy working with my craft projects. There is a celebration in town near the end of September so I would like to see if I can get some things together to offer for sale in the park.

And I did enter 8 photographs in the Ravalli County Fair. We plan to drive up to Hamilton to retrieve the photo's on Sunday. Of course, I am very curious to see if I won any ribbons on this batch of photo's but I will have to wait till Sunday afternoon and hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised. Of course, I will let you know!


neham said...

just wanted to say that iyour pictures..especially this one

neham said...

sorry about that, i meant i *love your pictures.

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