Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hiking Group Adventure

This week we traveled up the West Fork to the Nez Perc Pass and hiked on the Blue Joint Trail. This was one of the many beautiful views that were presented to us on almost every turn of the trail. As you can see the trail climbed quickly above the valley floor. The smoke from the near by Rombo Mountain Fire wasn't to thick on the early portion of this hike so we had a few opportunities to breath in some wonderful cold crisp clean air as we passed through a number of grooves of trees where the temperature felt up to 20 degrees cooler than in the sun.

We stopped along the trail and eat our lunches while admiring this incredible view! Food does seem to taste better out in the wilderness.

That's Idaho on the other side of this mountain.

As we were enjoying our lunch we were entertained by several Hawks and smaller birds that seemed to be curious as to why we were there. And of course the view held our attention too.

The temperature did warm up quite a bit further into our hike and crossing the small streams became something we looked forward did Allie, K.s hiking companion that always hikes with us and leads the way up (or down) on all of our hikes.

I am grateful that K. brings Allie with her on our adventures as it makes me feel a bit more safe out in these animal filled woods. On this trip we did encounter a black bear but he wasn't interested in being anywhere near us. WHEW!!

This part of the trail signaled that we were close to the trail head where we had parked our cars. Yes, by this time it feels very good to be walking on some what level ground. I know my knees appreciated level ground as this was about 4 1/2 hours into our hike. Okay, back to the smoke filled valley of the Bitter Root.

Another wonderful hike to add to my list of beautiful places visited in Montana.

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keewee said...

The fresh air must smell so sweet after all the smoke laden air you have been breathing in the past weeks.

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