Saturday, August 25, 2007

The rest of my winning photographs

I spotted this pretty little butterfly while JW was fly fishing. You can find picture opportunities in the strangest places!!!
This picture occurred in the middle of June when a rancher had his irrigation line running over night and the water hit a fence close by. The temperatures dropped to about 20 degrees on that night and fortunately JW's daughter saw it on the way to work on this cold June morning and we headed right down to this field and took pictures. We could hear the ice crack and popping as the temperatures warmed even as I snapped away with my wonderful Kodak camera.
This is the cute little fellow who posed for me after I had forgotten to take my camera on my walk. When I returned with my camera he sat in several different poses as if he knew I had missed the photo of a life time when he and his 4 siblings sat on the very came branch and I had no camera!This White Tailed Dragon Fly was found on the side of the house one sunny afternoon. He rested awhile then disappeared.
And this is my super prize winning photo! It received a first place ribbon then was voted Best in Show for the class. I was thrilled of course!! It was taken at the same location of the frozen fence that I had taken with all the ice. The ice had become so heavy that the limbs touch the ground. When we drove by the next day...after some warmer temperatures, these very same limbs were about 10 feet off the ground. I was so thankful for the opportunity to capture this amazing sight on film for everyone to enjoy.


gincoleaves said...

Hostagirl, that is a prize winning photo! Simply beautiful!
I like all your photos, but that beauty of a Dragonfly makes my heart beat faster!!!
Before I started my own blog, I passed comments as Dragonfly, simply because to me that is the most amazing creature!!
Unfortunately the name Dragonfly for my blog turned out to be an impossibility - ask Keewee, LOL!

Nea said...

Stunning photography......I love the ice pictures.

I remember once, someone turned a sprinkler on in the front yard, just to see what kind of ice sculptres it would make by morning, it was during cold weather.......and they took pictures, it was beautiful, looked like an ice world. This picture reminded me of that.....

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