Saturday, August 25, 2007

My prize winning photo's

Yes I know there is a flash reflection in the middle of each picture but I did that to protect myself from anyone trying to copy them. But you can still get the idea of each picture.
The above picture was taken up the road from my house early this spring.
This is a picture of the chips after JW had done some machine work.
This is a scene in the driveway this winter after the snow melted then the temperature dropped and left this ice.
This is my favorite barn just up the road.
This is my favorite mountain...Trapper Peak... here in Montana.
I will post 5 more photo's tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!!


keewee said...

Fabulous pictures girlfriend.
I am still figuring my camera out, and am still playing with all the features to see which ones give me the best pictures.

gincoleaves said...

Very interesting photos Hostagirl, that pic of the barn looks good enough to go into a story book - magical! !

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