Tuesday, August 14, 2007

gincoleaves posted a picture that she had taken near her home in Switzerland and mentioned that I too had posted a strange picture of a dragon on my blog. I remembered posting it and I realized that I had not put an explanation with the picture. Please view her post of her strange creature at http://littlegincotree.blogspot.com/

This is actually a beautiful dragon that is climbing a electrical pole in China Town in Seattle, Washington. Many of the store fronts are decorated in this fashion with wonderful statues on the sidewalks. I love the architecture in this area.
Things are so different here in Montana! We were traveling up the WestFork road to visit friends the other day when we found these gentleman(?) traveling on the road too. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour and they were traveling about 40. No, they did not pull over to let us go by and the road had too many curves to attempt to pass. We had to follow them about 6 miles before we could get around them. I guess that's just the way life is here in good old Montana.

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gincoleaves said...

I think our stay in Seattle was too short for me to discover the China town you mention here Hostagirl, but I thorougly enjoyed visiting China town in London - in the Soho area. Oh I just love Chinese food and I think it's time to have something Asian to eat again LOL!!

Your post about the guys driving ahead of you (at 40mph) made me smile, whenever we take a drive thru the countryside (and my husband will stick to the speedlimit, no matter what) we are being abused by roadragers showing us the finger sign because they think we are such boring drivers!!
It is amazing how different people behave to the ones in the city!!

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