Sunday, July 29, 2007

We have decided that it is about time to decide on new colors in our home. And the decisions have been very difficult! We have decided that it is time for us to "step out of the box" and find some colors that will give these rooms a little character.

So we bought a few 'sample' bottles of colors we thought might appeal to us and painted them on different areas of the room. We lived with the colors for awhile but just weren't comfortable with any of the colors.

Yes, visitors looked at our walls in a strange way but a brief explanation helped them to understand our actions.

We both leaned toward the green color but this one just didn't seem quite right. So off to the paint store we went again.

So this is the shade of green we have both agreed on. It goes well with our furniture and it seems to make the room look larger as it pulls in the green from outside.
Fortunately the kitchen color was a bit easier to decide on. We choose the lighter yellow on the right to use on the kitchen walls. I think it will go well with our cabinets and flooring.

So we now have a few projects ahead of us and just need to find the time to complete them. Between my gardening, hiking, visiting the gym and working on my handmade beads, and JW working in his machine shop and at the Napa store, these projects may run way into winter!!

So stay tuned for the ongoing project of the painting crew from Darby, Montana!

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keewee said...

I have decided on yellow for my kitchen, but like you, the job has to fit in around the other things we do on a daily basis.

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