Tuesday, July 10, 2007


These are 3 of the plants that I transplanted from our old home in April. I really am amazed that they are able to bloom in such a short time.
This is a "Torch Plant" that I planted in the garden in Washington at least 7 years ago.
There has always been very little growth on this plant but still I moved it with me after the wedding. But after 3 years there it still produced no blooms. As luck would have it, while we were away last summer on our "Resort in the Wilderness Adventure" I learned that it had finally bloomed. But as my luck seemed to go, it was past bloom stage when we arrived back home.

So when we dug up plants to take with us to Montana last fall, I decided to leave this plant behind. But during the winter I began to feel guilty about leaving this old plant behind. So when we returned to Washington State this last April, I decided that I would bring it home with me.

So I must say, I was thrilled when this little plant started to put on a lot of new growth, then these long beautiful stalks started appearing! And this Torch Plant is in full bloom today...definitely worth the long wait.

I have placed a tomato cage around this plant for 2 reasons. One is to give it support when the wind blows and it is also to hold the deer netting that I place around it every evening for protection from those darn varmints!!
This is my precious Betty Boop rose that made the move this spring to Montana. I was so happy to see her leaves bud out after the several different frost days we had in June. She's my favorite.

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keewee said...

I can just imagine your excitement over all the plants which are thriving and looking beautiful, which you have transplanted from WA to MT.
only a true gardener can appreciate such delights.

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