Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My Walking/Hiking group headed out at 6 am this morning for a wonderful hike in the woods. We passed through this area that is filled with Bear Grass which is just finishing blooming. Even their tall spikes are interesting without blooms. I will definitely visit the spot several weeks earlier next summer to experience all of these plants in full bloom.
This little guy didn't like the idea of all of us chattering ladies coming so close to what must have been his home. But through it all he never did let go of his morning snack!
Yes, it happened again.....a Moose tried to share the trail with us. Fortunately it was a bull and not a cow with her baby Moose. I understand that she can be very nasty if she thinks something might harm her baby and wouldn't hesitate to protect the baby any way she can. The bull Moose seemed to want to share the trail with us too but finally feel behind us and disappeared out of sight.

Our hike was very enjoyable and we arrived back home before the temperature got very much above 80. At the moment 6:00 pm, the temperature on the back deck is 92!!! Keep cool!

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gincoleaves said...

Hostagirl, you are indeed very blessed to live in such a beautiful
place, all those wonderful animals - it's definately my cup of tea :-)
I clicked onto your picture for a better view, and I am amazed to see such a tall plant or grass - it
is absolutely amazing, never seen anything like it before. I want to be in Montana!!! (sigh)

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