Saturday, July 21, 2007

This weekend was Darby's 6th annual 'Logger Days" celebration and we attended both days and enjoyed every minute of it. I have never seen so many cars and people in our little quiet town of Darby but everyone seemed to be having a great time.

There were many booths offering all types of crafts and clothing, indian blankets, pottery and even woven baskets. And the logger events ran through the two days also. Some of the events were Axe throwing,choker race, log roll, log peeling, and speed chop, just to name a few.

The above picture is the entrance to the field where they hold the logging events. A gentleman from Darby carved all of the figures atop this large sign.
The Valley Humane Society always has an entry in the Logger Days Parade and this was definitely by far the cutest entry. Look closely in the baby stroller and you will see two small dogs that live at the animal shelter and are looking for a new home. Cute, very cute!!!
Another fun entry in our parade. They appear to be hard working horses that have spent many hours in this harness.
Isn't she cute??? She seemed to be enjoying herself and we noticed after the parade was over and her mom was leading her back through town to where they parked their horse trailer, that she was still waving to everyone she passed!
We even had our own Montana style "Flyover" just as the logging events started! No I am not sure which 'nest' this group flies out of!!!

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