Friday, July 6, 2007

Our temperature was 105 degrees today! But my plants sure seem to love it!! But I do have to keep them watered almost everyday. Yeah, they are worth the effort. The biggest worry with having plants that really need some water daily, is that we are on irrigation water. And when the weather gets this warm the West Fork River drops very low and in turn our ditch looses most of it's water. Then the pump shuts off because to the water level is to low. And since it's only the beginning of the month it may be a very dry summer!

These strange looking plants are called Bear Grass and they grow in the mountains near us. These are a bit past their full bloom stage but they are interesting looking anyway.
After the plant has bloomed and the flowers have faded and fallen off the deer eat off the top of the stalk. I guess the rest of the plant doesn't interest them.
The temperature is very warm today but we are able to keep pretty cool in our house. And fortunately as soon as the sun drops behind the hill is begins to cool off. So we still sleep real well.
We were standing out in the yard listening to the thunder and watching the lightening when JW said "it sure looks like it might rain." And I said, "since the ditch is dry, I sure hope it rains hard!" Well, you know you should be careful what you wish wasn't 10 seconds later and we were being pelleted by giant rain drops! By the time we ran to the back deck we were soaked! And the racket on the deck roof was worse than any thunder we were having. And the rain continued like that for about 15 minutes. Yes, my yard was watered well. The worst part was the winds that came up during the rain storm. But everything survived and today every where you look you see pretty green grass.
And today, the temperature is creeping back up into the high 90's but we plan to stay inside at least until the sun goes down. Luckily we have a Nascar race to watch later today!

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keewee said...

looks like we are going to be VERY warm in a couple of weeks when we are in Missoula.

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