Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yes, I too love rhubarb pie, but not this year. I let this plant go to seed because I just didn't have the energy to think about it. But it did bring some beauty to our backyard.
This is the beautiful Lilac that is flourishing along our fence line past the back deck. There are 4 very big bushes and from what the neighbors tell us, they are very old. (The Lilacs...not the neighbors!) But one neighbor was born and raised here and is still living on the land where his parents homesteaded. I believe he is in his 80's. A wonderful neighbor that loves to share the valley's history with us.
I found this gorgeous Lupin in the front flower bed this morning. We have several blue Lupins but this was the first different colored one. What a wonderful surprise! We have had several thunder and lightening storms the last two days and it's obvious to me that these plants appreciated the extra watering the storms gave them. So I will make sure they have their share of water since there are so many more plants in this bed that have yet to bloom. I love these kinds of surprises!
I am very fortunate that I had found such a wonderful shady spot for many of my smaller Hosta's. The larger Hosta's on the deck have become so large that there isn't much room left for us and the deck chairs.They do seem to like this new home and it's easy to drape the deer netting over them and hook the edges into the Lilac bush for security. I haven't seen any deer in our yard for awhile but you never know who will get hungry in the dark of night!!!
Yesterday afternoon during our thunder and lightening storm, the wind blew through here at about 60 miles per hour. The wind was so strong that it actually knock over several of my large Hosta's....some which weigh around 50 pounds in the pot! I was shocked. The above photo shows one of my Hosta's trying to survive the wind. The plant looks blurry because the wind was blowing so hard it was even tearing off some of the beautiful leaves!
J.W. has planted his favorite peas and they are already 3 inches tall. We are replacing the tomato plants because they just don't seem to be doing real well...and we are anxious for home grown tomatoes right off the vine!!


gincoleaves said...

That is something I miss dreadfully, those unexpected surprises at the bottom end of the garden, sigh!
Your flowers are just too lovely, even the leaves of the Rhubard plant looks enormous. My Mom couldn't get me to eat Rhubarb pie - no matter what, funny I still won't touch it ('aint we strange!)
Looking at the way you've arranged those terracotta pots remind me of the gardens in Italy. The Senoras will place many many terracotta pots filled with plants - and it looks gorgeous!!

keewee said...

Now there is something I don't have yet, a rhubarb plant. I will have to go to the garden center and see if I can find one.
I wonder why your tomatoes are not doing well. The two in the large pot on our front deck are growing rapidly, I think they like the warmth of the afternoon sun.
All your other plants are looking healthy.

hostagirl said...

We had snow in the mountains near us this week so I assume that it just got to cold for our tomatoe plants. But it sure hasn't slowed down any of the flower plants!!

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