Monday, June 4, 2007

I spotted this big guy on my walk this morning! Those feathers are so beautiful and I can't believe how different this bird can look from doing his full feather thing...there was a female the feathers lying flat and the bird looking so skinny and ugly. Sorry Turkey lovers...I don't see anything attractive about this guy, except those wonderful feathers,
This was our temperature yesterday afternoon! It does seem a little to early for this hot weather but the deck does help to keep our house a bit cooler. And I have a wonderful fan set up on the back deck that keeps things very nice and cool right by our deck chairs! Oh, I love summer in Montana!!!

I am sure everyone is familiar with the phrase..."The dog days of summer." Well, around here we like to refer to them as.......
"The cat days of summer."!!!

Poor Fancy cat, she's stuck wearing that heavy black coat all the time even during this hot weather. But as you can see, she has found a way to handle the heat and get some much needed rest at the same time. What a life!


keewee said...

92 degrees would have left me a grease spot on the pavement. I am so happy to be living in a more moderate climate.

marsha said...

I think the turkey is pretty...and I wish I was that cat.

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