Sunday, June 24, 2007

These Lilies were dug up and transplanted from Washington State late this Spring and I am amazed that they have all started to bloom. But the really strange thing is that I planted all the same color Lily bulb in these pots! I had no idea what type of Lily I was planting when I placed them in pots after getting them here from Washington. This mass of color does make quite a statement! There other type of Lilies I have potted haven't opened their buds yet so there will be more pictures coming!

This is what I call my "English Garden." It sits just beside our carport and it is almost in full bloom. What a wonderful sight we see every time we arrive home!

Things are growing very well in my flower beds now so it the time to get serious about the painting of our rooms that are in need of a new color scheme. The kitchen is a nice green but I want to change it to a pretty yellow so that will be the first room to get a new fresh coat of paint.
The living room and dining room are the standard plain white and we have decided...after much debate and many, many color tests on the walls, that we will try a beautiful light green. Boy, it's going to take a lot to cover up all of our color test spots!!
And my bath is painted a very bad brown color and there are tiles around the sink that are green. So I can't wait to get in there and get rid of that horrible brown and turn the walls into a beautiful soft green with green accessories such as rugs, shower curtain, soap dish, etc. I bet the room will look much bigger too.
The master bedroom has been the most difficult to decide on a new color. And it's funny because that is the room that is painted a ugly purple color that needs to be changed the most. But the color choice hasn't been decided yet.
So, we have a very busy summer ahead of us. Besides all the painting, we are also installing our new picket fence and trying to sneak in some camping along the Bitter Root River too! Boy, I love this place!!!

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keewee said...

the lillys are so lovely, and so is your "english garden"
I have been putting off my painting but am almost ready to get started on it again.
your summer is going to be as busy as ours.

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