Thursday, May 17, 2007

We visited a wonderful nursery today to pick up a few Tomato plants for the raised garden bed but I just couldn't resist looking at all the beautiful flowers for sale.
I do need some type of flower that will look good in a raised plant holder..something that would hang down with lots of blooms.
I couldn't decide on anything for that holder but I did find myself something. I know, I know, have lot's of Hosta's but I did find one I do not own and the owner knew how much I like Hosta's (we stop by here often!) and how many I already have and he did give me a real good deal on this beautiful plant. I will include pictures of my new addition as soon as I feel she's ready for viewing!


gincoleaves said...

Oh Hostagirl, these flowers are so lovely, and I get the urge to get my hands dirty in the garden I don't have anymore. Not a Saturday afternoon went by where we didn't pay a visit to the nursery to buy new plants. I really really miss my house and garden back in SA.
I'll be waiting and watching to see what you're up to in your garden! :-))

keewee said...

I too visited the garden center today and bought a couple of annuals for a pot ouside the front door.

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