Sunday, May 20, 2007

This is an old thorn less Blackberry patch that is out behind the house. We trimmed it way back early this spring to try to get some control over it this season. And the plants are growing very well already. We cleared the path down the middle of the patch to get better access to all those yummy berries this summer!! Bring on the ice cream and berries!!!!
This is the raised bed that we made to hold JW's favorite peas and a couple of tomato plants. We will get then planted in the next few days. I love picking the tomato's right off the vine and eating them right there in the garden. Oh, I love summer!

We are finally getting the rain we have been waiting for all spring. The lawns and pastures were beginning to show some browning in spots. Of course, just as it began to rain early this morning we finally got our irrigation water turned on for our lawns! Great timing. But this rain will certainly make things grow and the lawns beautiful. It has rained all day and should rain into tomorrow too.

We drove up to Florence to attend our antique car club meeting at noon today. After the meeting and a good lunch at the great Juke Box Diner we stopped in Hamilton on the way home to visit the Humane Society there. We hope to find a dog that would like to adopt us but of course that needs to wait until we have put in the picket fence. We are also interested in volunteering if they have a program where we would come a few times a week and walk the dogs for exercise. We were given the forms so now we have some discsions to make.


keewee said...

There is nothing quite like your own fresh blackberry pie or fresh tomatoes from your own garden. I still do not have a vege patch established.

gincoleaves said...

This is sheer torture, everyone is blogging about yummy goodies today, is it a conspiracy?
I fully agree with you about loving Summer Hostagirl, everything seems easier, and the days are so delightful. Oh Golly, this is definately Africa speaking again! LOL!!

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