Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This was the sky I encountered as I started my hour long walk earlier this evening. The skies stayed dark but I made it home with out getting any raindrops on my head! And as you can see in the above picture, the sun was still filtering through the trees which made a very pretty evening.
I found this flower along the edge of the road on my walk tonight. These tiny pretty flowers measure just about a half inch across and the plant was barely 6 inches in height.. I need to get out the Montana flower book to see if I can identify them.
This is another tiny flower I noticed will on my walk. This flower is a pale lilac shade and it seems to have more flower stems than leaves. A check in the book may reveal more about this cute little thing.

I do enjoy my hour long walks each day. I am covering 3 miles in this one hour walk, giving me lot's of time to clear my head, make all kinds of plans, and dream up all kinds of projects for JW to do!! Yes, that's the fun part!!!

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keewee said...

JW is just going to love all those *honeydo* projects. *grin*
wildflowers sure can be pretty.

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