Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This was the scene in the southwest sky late yesterday afternoon. The sun filtering through the clouds looked so pretty to me. Despite the dark clouds the weather was rather pleasant most of the day.

Today our temperature climbed into the 70's but we are still experiencing night time temperatures in the 20's. So each evening before the sun is down, I return to the deck and pull the covering over all of my plants that are in large pots. Then each morning, after the temperature has climbed above 40, I return to the deck and pull the cover back off the plants so they too can enjoy the warm temperatures. I must say, they are doing incredibly well through all of this. They are all putting on a lot of beautiful growth so I am trying to keep an eye on them so Jack Frost doesn't get to them!

I mowed the lawn again today...I am trying to get up all the dead grass leftover from the fall and winter. I think there is already a great improvement in how it looks. I do enjoy mowing the lawn.....it is a riding lawn mower...I wear my headphones and listen to my favorite music as I mow! How hard can that be????

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keewee said...

Very nice. I love the way the sun shines from under the clouds.

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