Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I spent the afternoon re potting some of the plants that we dug up in Washington and brought home to Montana about a week ago. After we dug them up we just placed each plant into a large black plastic bag and they have all done wonderful while they were waiting for me to get them into pots. I decided not to plant most of the Hostas in the ground this spring because the ground can still freeze and since none of them are acclimated to this type of weather I felt it was wiser to put them in pots then place them on the deck where it can be as much as 10 degrees warmer during the Spring nights. And so far they have all thrived in their new environment. And of course deer netting will be a requirement around here from now on. But the beauty of these Hostas will definitely be worth the extra care that is needed in deer country!

The pot on the left is holding Lilies that I dug up and all of them seem to be recovering very well. And of course I have no idea what colors will be coming up in what pots or which pot may contain my prized Tiger Lilies.

I have planted my Betty Boop Rose in the ground by the front porch as well as my Torch Plant...sometimes called the Flaming Porker Plant. I have been placing burlap bags around them in the evenings hoping this will enable them to set their roots easier.

So I should be able to complete all of my potting projects by tomorrow afternoon. I sure enjoyed the downpour of rain and the wonderful thunder that lasted several hours late this afternoon. The rain pounding on the deck roof was deafening but I loved every minute of it! The lawn looks so beautifully green after being mowed yesterday then all that rain today.

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keewee said...

You have been busy getting your plants settled in their new home. They look as though they are happy enough.Of course it is all the TLC you are giving them.

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