Friday, April 20, 2007

Our latest trip into Washington

This is the scene that greeted us as we entered the Wenatchee area earlier this week. I can remember when we didn't even need a traffic light at this intersection! Now look at the amount of traffic. This quiet little town has certainly grown over that last several years. It's good to live in quiet little Darby, Montana!!

We made our final run to Washington this week to retrieve our 2 lawn mowers and the rest of my gardening supplies and some more plants...Tiger Lilies and several Hosta plants. It takes a entire day to get there, a day to get everything loaded for the return trip then another full day for the trip back home. Yes, I am very tired.

But today I had to pot the plants we brought back with us. We had dug each one up then placed them in large plastic bags for the journey. So today I knew I had to get them in pots and under cover because when we returned to the Bitter Root valley there was snow on the mountains around us so I knew the nights were going to be cold. As I was repotting today I experienced sunshine, snow, hail and even some rain! But I continued my tasks thinking of the cold night to come. So I have just 5 Hosta's to get into pots tomorrow and hopefully they will all be comfortable until spring is really here to stay! And it sure feels good to have all of my garden equipment here at last.
This is the sight that greeted us as we entered the Wenatchee valley this week. Pear trees, cherry trees, and many more were in full blossom....many weeks ahead of schedule this year. But many orchards looked like a large soft carpet laying on the ground. Beautiful sight, something we won't see in our new valley in Montana.


keewee said...

I don't miss Wenatchee one little bit,well perhaps a teeny tiny bit. *smile*

hostagirl said...

Yes Keewee, I believe I am starting to feel the same way. Our pace of life is so much slower and quieter here.

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