Thursday, March 15, 2007

Be careful what you wish for

As you all know I have been trying to find some groups or clubs here in the valley I can get involved in to help me get acquainted with people in my community. Well, I have now learned what the expression "be careful what you wish for" means. I am now a member of a Gardening Club in Darby that has 44 members including me, and a Garden Club farther up the valley in Hamilton. I am also a founding member of a hiking group based in Stevensville...up the road a piece. There are 8 of us so far. We will be hiking into the mountains and lakes here in the Bitter Root. And at the Darby Garden club today I hooked up with a hiking group just down the road from me here in Darby. This is a group that is not quite as aggressive as the other hiking group. A little more laid back and casual a hike. And JW and I joined the Newcomers Club in Hamilton too. That's where we have found most of the new groups. So add my Red Hatters Group to this list and I am wondering when I will have time to garden and go camping with JW!!!! And miraculously none of these groups meet on the same day. Wow! So I am headed into a very exciting and BUSY spring and summer. If I don't get in shape this spring and summer I imagine I never will!!

So don't be surprised if my postings are done late into the night in the coming months. I will definitely have pictures to post after our hikes! And of course pictures of my new emerging garden here at home. Have a great weekend everyone!

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keewee said...

A far cry from Cashmere indeed.
You are going to have a wonderful time with all the new things to do.

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