Sunday, February 4, 2007


JW and I saw this sight today on our walk around the neighborhood. I have noticed that the younger cows like to play on top of this manure pile but the older ones like to climb up on top and lay down during the colder weather to benefit from the heat this pile produces. The animal's in Montana seem to know how to take care of themselves when the weather turns real cold. But today our thermometer reads just a bit over 55 degrees. What a gorgeous day we are having.
I captured this photograph early this morning as the sun was starting to melt the snow on the roof. The ice was formed yesterday evening as the temperature can certainly drop very quickly after the sun goes down. This poor bush was growing just under the eaves and the melting snow quickly formed ice all around it's stems.

We are settled in today to watch the Super Bowl this afternoon. I do have my favorite but more important I just want to see a great game.

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