Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Exercising in Montana

This is the Westfork Hiway that is just around the bend from our house that I sometimes walk down on my walks. It's just enough of a hill that it feels good on the way back home. So far I have not seen any wildlife but lot's of tracks. And because of the limited shoulder on this road most drivers are good about pulling into the other lane as they go by me.

This is a common site on our little dirt road. The neighbors say this flock of wild Turkeys have been around for several years. They have closed Turkey hunting in this part to the valley so the flock is growing. Today I spotted about 25 in this group. It's funny to watch them if a dog approaches them. They try to fly into the nearest tree and the sight of them trying to hold those big bodies of theirs on a small tree limb is a hilarious sight! And they all make an incredible racket in the process.
I thought this big turkey was going to turn on me as I think I surprised him as much as he had surprised me. But I did make it home safely!

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Anonymous said...

You sure see some wonderful sights in your area. I remember seeing many wild turkeys when we were in Missoula last summer.

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