Monday, February 12, 2007


Today is JW's birthday!! Yes, he's getting younger every day! We plan to combine his birthday and Valentines Day for his big celebration. I am taking him to "the big city" for dinner and maybe a movie on Valentines day. Daughter and her family took us out to dinner last night and we had a wonderful time. We do enjoy living so close to family.

The above picture is fog that rolled over the hill this morning. It wasn't long before the sun had burnt it all away and we are now enjoying a beautiful sun filled day...still without any snow. I noticed yesterday our Lilac bushes have started their budding process already. Oh my gosh, flowers...I can't wait. I received a plant catalog in the mail yesterday and I am wishing I could order about 200 plant choices from them because they are all so pretty. But I have been busy making a list of the plants that deer don't particularly like so I know I must stick to that list. And I am surprised at the amounts of flowers on this list. But with the shade house going in this spring I will be able to plant a few special ones I just can't live without that will live happily with my my awesome Tiger Lily plants and several other favorites of the lily family. So this is beginning to look like it's going to be a very fun and very busy spring and I can tell you I can't wait to get that dirt under my fingernails again!!

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