Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another wonderful day without snow!

Yes we seem to be getting just the right weather over here in Montana....another sunny day. I have noticed some plants and shrubs starting to bud out already. I hope they wait a little while yet. JW and I stopped at a large antique shop Friday afternoon on the way home from Victor and Hamilton. This piece of farm equipment was at the entrance and neither of us could even guess what it was used for.
The same piece of equipment but from the other side of the entrance. It seems to have a half tank that looks like it held some type of liquid or maybe seed?

I was lucky to find a very old Printers drawer at the antique shop that I will make into a wonderful shadow box for a lot of my small treasures. I have been watching for just the right one for some time so I was very pleased to find this one. It was made in Minnesota and shipped to a print shop in Manhattan, Montana. Yes, fortunately all of this information was still imprinted on the back of the drawer. A photograph will be included soon. How exciting....another project to work on!!!!


Dick said...

I saw your comment today on Phyllis' Life on Whidbey blog and thought I'd come check yours out. I had to enter your URL manually as a few extra letters somehow crept into your listing of it on her site.

I was intrigued as I will soon be marrying again for a second time. I lost my wife in the summer of 2005 and Pat, my fiancee, lost her husband shortly after I lost Annie. We both felt we were too young to want to spend the rest of our lives alone so, after meeting each other about a year after loosing our spouses, we started dating. It has led to our setting a marriage date for late April. It will be different for both of us but we look forward to many happy years together and I hope you two have many of them, too.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy looking at old farm equipment and tryong to figure out what it was used for.

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