Monday, January 29, 2007

My mind is wandering today

I was sitting here early this morning gazing out the office window when I began to reflect on all the happenings that have taken place in the last year. Our first plans were to spend the summer at a resort guest ranch in the mountains. We learned quite a bit about ourselves on that adventure. We knew we were there because we choose to, not because we needed to be there for the money. The most important thing we learned from the experience was that we were both very happy at this point in our lives and we discovered that neither of us had a need to work as hard as we were to find our happiness. Leaving that adventure behind was really difficult for the two of us but we knew our health was a much more important issue for us to worry about. So we returned home knowing that it was time to take a different direction in our lives. That is when we made the major decision to move ourselves to Darby Montana. And I can honestly tell you that I have never had a moment of regret about our move. Our new home is very comfortable, we adore the daughter and her family that live just next door, and the neighborhood has welcomed us with open arms. The lack of stress and the freedom we feel here is incredible.

My relationship with my adult son has turned in to a friendship during the last year that any mother would envy. He is a wonderful man and I am always so very proud of him. To hear his cheerful voice on the phone always makes me smile. I know I will be putting on the miles between here and Seattle to visit him this summer. Pike's Place Market is a must destination for the two of us when I am there.

And my own life's journey has truly amazed me. I am in a place in my life that is difficult to describe. I spent 26 years alone with my son after his father was killed. Yes, it was very hard to let son stretch his wings and fly but I knew in my heart that it was what I had spent all those years preparing him...and I...for. After son left home it took me several years to find my wonderful JW. Marrying him in 2003 was the event that made me the luckiest woman on earth. Thank you JW.

So life here in Montana is just what we had been dreaming about but now we are actually living that dream. And of course, living with your best friend is a fabulous way to spend your time on this earth too!

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