Friday, January 19, 2007

Good morning from Montana,USA

I captured this beautiful scene of our sunrise from our back deck this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day. The sun is now shinning and our temperature is almost 30 degrees with NO wind. Another great day in the Bitteroot valley of western Montana.

My right hand seems to be healing well and I am able to do just about everything except write. But I must say, even though I am right handed, I am doing a pretty good job writing with my left hand. If I go real slow JW can read most of it.

I am back on my treadmill and really enjoying it. It feels wonderful to be moving again and knowing I can walk a couple of miles at a time without being out in the cold air and wind does keep me encouraged. JW and I are planning to attend my 40th class reunion this summer in Washington state so I want to look good for that! Oops, did I say 40th....WOW! How is it possible that 40 years have gone by so quickly? It's amazing that my friends from high school are still my friends. 40 years...that's a lot of wonderful living.

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keewee said...

I love these kinds of mornings. We do not get to see the sunrise so clearly due to all the trees behind us, though we do get to see glorious sunsets across Useless Bay.

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