Monday, December 11, 2006

Another sunny day

This was a scene I found on our day trip yesterday. This is the East Fork of the Bitteroot River that actually flows north up the Valley. This is caused because we are a higher elevation than Missoula which is north of us. Several large pine trees had fallen across the river and the snow and ice caused a ice jam around and under the trees. It appears that it is so thick that you could walk across the fallen trees and the ice. Of course, we just stood on the riverbank and looked!

I realized this morning that time is running short for us this holiday season. I haven't put up the Christmas tree yet nor have I done any shopping! I am also scheduled to have surgery on my right hand next Monday morning in Wenatchee, Washington! This is the same surgery that I had on my left thumb one year ago. The doctor replaced material in my left thumb joint which had worn away and was causing the two bones to grind together. He will place a pin thru my thumb to hold everything in place so I will be in a cast up to my elbow for at least 30 days. I was so pleased with the doctor that I wish not to take a chance on a new doctor to operate on my right hand as I am right handed. So I will need to be there by the weekend. Busy, busy!!! And I hope for good road conditions as we travel over two mountain passes on our way into Washington State. Our last great adventure of 2006. Some Christmas present:( But I am looking forward to being pain free in the year 2007!!

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