Thursday, November 9, 2006

Progress is being made!!

The mountain of boxes has shrunk considerably in the last few days. It has felt like Christmas opening up the boxes...You do forget just what is in all of those boxes even though they are labeled! But several rooms have taken shape so I know we are making some progress.

The weather is still playing games with this state. We have had so much rain that the rivers and creeks are overflowing but today we received snow in the mountains around us and then there was lot's of beautiful sunshine. So we never know just how much clothing to wear when we leave the house!!

Our computer did not survive the move here. We will take it into Hamilton (a town near us that is somewhat larger than Darby!) and have it looked at. We did bring along a old computer that we haven't used in years and of course it made the trip without any difficulties. Go figure!!! So I am using it now to post but I am unable to post any pictures just yet. I sure hope I can soon...Putting the pictures on was one of my favorite parts of this website. So please bare with me and I will post some as soon as we get this computer thing straightened out! It is so wonderful to be back on line again with all of you!!!


keewee said...

Just love it that I can stop by and read what you are up to. Looking forward to pictures too.

gincoleaves said...

Welcome back to Bloggerland!
I am pleased to hear you're settled
and almost unpacked most of your
belongings (a never ending task)
With Christmas just around the corner - you will enjoy relaxing after all the hard work of moving house! :-)
I'm sorry to hear your computer didn't make the trip but luckily you had a "standby". I'm looking forward to your pictures!!

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