Sunday, January 25, 2015

Okay everyone,  I give up.  I have posted 628 posts on this fun blog and have had 11,205 page views. Plus there have been 15,870 visitors to this site.  But ever since I fell ill last summer my followers and readership has fallen to zero.

I tried being dedicated to my daily posting and have posted 33 days in a row with what I thought were interesting and fun photos and stories to share with my blogger friends.

But I believe this blog has run it's course.

I have enjoyed looking back on all our great adventures and all the photo memories will stay here forever.

Thank you to all those who stopped by and maybe we can meet on the next blog I start here in bloggerville.  Gail


Rae Frazier said...

Oh, my sweet Gail! I know I'm guilty of not stopping in to say hello and comment! If it comes up on my feed, I always read it, but sadly, I am some times too lazy to type in a comment. Too bad they don't have a simple Like as fb does!
But I also understand. My blog followers have gone to the wayside and I'm left writing lonely, unread memories no one else reads. It's difficult to get inspired when you don't even have an audience! Lol!
So happy and proud to have you as a friend on Facebook. Please posts all your amazing crafts there and I'm sure you will get a huge and approving response.
Love you!

Gail Wilson said...

Thank you so much Rae for your sweet comments. I just feel like I am sticking my head out the window shouting and no one is listening. And as you know it is a lot of work to keep up a blog. so I will just post in my dog blog and my crafting blog. I need to get the idea in my mind that I am really doing the blog just for me. Then if anyone stops by it is just a bonus. The most active blogs seem to be the dog blogs. They all have a large audience and everyone seems to leave comments. I do have one but little Willow just doesn't do many exciting things so I do not post much!!
Again, thank you for your note and keep posting those great things on Facebook!! I love reading them!! Hugs, Gail

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